Powers u/s 131(1) can not be exercised without pendancy of proceedings

Powers regarding discovery, and production of evidence given to the IT authority under s. 131 are the same powers as vested in a Court under CPC while trying a suit—Existence of a suit or a proceeding is a sine qua non for exercise of such power under CPC—Therefore, power mentioned in sub-s. (1) of s. 131 can be exercised only if a proceeding is pending before the concerned officer and not otherwise—This interpretation is consistent with the scheme of the sub-s. (1A) of s. 131 according to which it is competent for Asstt. Director of Inspection to exercise powers under s. 131(1) under certain circumstances even in absence of any pending proceedings [JAMNADAS MADHAVJI & CO. & ANR. vs. J.B. PANCHAL, INCOME TAX OFFICER & ANR ) 162 ITR 0331 HIGH COURT OF BOMBAY]

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